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San Francisco Bay Area Golden Gate Bridge

We pride ourselves in being the best resource for

Fiber Optic Connectivity

located in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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The Bay Lights Project now illuminates the San Francisco Bay Bridge with 25,000 LEDs controlled via a fiber optic network. Read more

ARIA supplied the fiberoptic assemblies for the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory National Ignition Facility (NIF) timing system. Read more

Fiber Patch Enclosure RDR Series Rackmount Enclosures

Feature a Removable Sliding Tray and Support up to 288 Fibers.

Fiber Patch Enclosure Tri-Panel Series Wallmount Enclosures

ARIA's FiberPatch™ Folding Design Requires Less Wall Space and Support up to 144 Fibers.

Fiber Patch Enclosure MPO/MTP® Cassette Module

LGX Format Cassette that Transitions Between MPO/MTP® and LC or SC Connectors.

Fiber Patch Enclosure MPO Trunk Cable Assemblies

Feature MPO to MPO, SC, or LC connectors in Singlemode or Multimode Configurations.


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