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Engineering, Design, and Fabrication

ARIA Technologies' culture is to provide its customers with the best possible product at the best possible price. If a customer is not satisfied with the available hardware configurations we are able to create a new product designed to meet customer specifications.

ARIA Technologies takes great pride in creating custom fiber optic enclosures and cable assemblies.

The process begins when a customer approaches us with an idea for a new or modified product. We examine the problem and begin to draft the necessary steps to solve the issue. We then design a tangible product that meets the customers needs. A prototype is fabricated within 3-4 weeks of the initial customer request. This prototype is given to the customer to determine completeness. A final design is decided and within 3-4 weeks of prototype creation the final design is manufactured and shipped to the customer. The customer is then contacted for feedback and possible design changes. Contact us to create your custom order today!

The process to create custom products based on a customer request is outlined below:

Custom Product Process
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